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What are the Must Read Books on Skincare?

books on skincare

While there is a ton of beauty and skincare advice online it’s crucially important to learn from the masters with in-depth explanations as to what works and what doesn’t. Here are number of really good Books on Skincare we’ve found for you:

5 Must-Read Books on Skincare and Beauty

Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter without Me, by Paula Begoun

Paula is the self-proclaimed “cosmetics cop”. While she isn’t a board-certified dermatologist, she works hard to review the latest research and base her tips on that. This book is a classic for understanding some of the basics of skin care and for the product reviews.

The Skin Type Solution, by Dr. Leslie Baumann

Recommended by skincare researchers at Callyssee Cosmetics as “a classic,” Dr. Baumann’s book contains lots of rock-solid information and tips to guide your decisions—and purchases—by factoring in your skin type.

Skin Rules, by Dr. Debra Jaliman

This book – first published in 2002- offers easy-to-understand advice on proper skin care so that you avoid fads and follow the proven fundamentals.

Face Paint, by Lisa Eldridge

A fascinating history of makeup by Lancôme’s global creative director and one of the world’s top makeup artists. Stunning photos and beautifully paced chapters take you through how throughout history we have used different forms of enhancement (some of them flat-out weird!) to look our best.

The Little Book of Skin Care, by Charlotte Cho

Obviously, Korean skin care has become hot. As with any new trend, misinformation and misconceptions abound. Charlotte Cho -founder of leading Korean beauty site Soko Glam- is well-positioned to share the tips to unlock the power of Korean beauty products.

If you enjoyed our list of the best Books on Skincare, consider reading How To Use Coffee To Tighten Skin.

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