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Does Caffeine Make Me Look More Alert?

Look More Alert

So you want to look more alert. Spent a night tossing and turning when you know you have a big day coming up? We’ve all been there. You wake up and you’re exhausted. So, you grab a cup of coffee, do your makeup and grab another cup of coffee.

How does the coffee I drink relate to alertness?

Does the caffeine you’re drinking really help you look like you got a full night’s sleep?

That’s questionable. Caffeine doesn’t directly affect how alert you look, but  you will feel a boost in your energy and alertness as the caffeine is absorbed into your bloodstream and intestines. You’ll soon feel an improvement in your energy, alertness, and focus.

The caffeine in your drink stimulates the brain and spinal cord, which causes an adrenaline release. It’s the adrenaline that is truly responsible for changing your alertness and energy level, according to Indiana Public Media.

Caffeine can help to keep nighttime workers safer, and to reduce cognitive failures in individuals who drink more than 220 miligrams of caffeine every day, according to Coffee and Health.

What About Caffeine-Infused Skincare Products?

Caffeine infused skincare products may help you to look more alert as the caffeine is just one of the ingredients that smooth wrinkles, plumps the skin, and reduces the look of dark circles.

Using specific products, like an under-eye caffeine dermis mask, or one designed for the whole face, like the Perk Up Your Face Caffeine Dermis Mask from Callysee can help the delicate skin on your face to keep the exhaustion from showing. The green tea extract in these products helps to improve circulation, while the hyaluronic acid helps to reduce moisture loss. Other ingredients can help to add moisture to the skin, and the caffeine will play a role in reducing redness and inflammation.

When it comes down to it, caffeine can be a great way to combat drained energy. And may even be helpful in making you look more alert. But it’s the adrenaline that caffeine kicks into gear that truly affects your alertness.

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