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Can Caffeine Make You Look Younger?

can caffeine make you look younger

It’s no secret that many people believe coffee can age your skin. Take a moment and search for “coffee and health” and you’ll find a mix of results. Some say that coffee will dry your skin and make you look older, and others say the opposite. So what’s the truth: can caffeine make you look younger or does it age you?

New research over the past few years has revealed that caffeine ingestion can have anti-ageing effects.  As an individual ages, the risk of developing a life-changing disease increases. But, researchers are learning that moderate caffeine intake, especially if someone were to drink it, lengthens the telomeres that doctors say predict a person’s lifespan.

The caveat about this research is that most studies look at the health benefits that individuals get from drinking their daily coffee, but there are benefits to including it in your skincare routine as well.

Anti-aging Benefits of Caffeine in Moisturizers and Skincare

Using antiaging creams with caffeine can actually help you to look younger.  Caffeine’s antioxidant properties play an important role in slowing the look of the aging process – the visible part. Those micronutrients protect the skin from UV radiation. If you drink the coffee, it can also lower your risk for basal cell carcinoma (skin cancer).

Caffeine in moisturizers and skincare products stimulates the blood flow in the face and body, which gives a healthy glow. It also boosts the natural production of collagen, reduces the look of scars and stretch marks too. These products lessen the appearance of redness in the skin by shrinking the blood vessels close to the surface of the skin, and promote circulation to reduce dark circles, which can make you look older, but also make you look tired. Who wants THAT?

At Calyssee, our mission is to provide high quality skincare products that bring you gorgeous looking skin. Our antiaging skincare products combine green coffee extract, which contains caffeine and more, along with jojoba oil and other skin soothing ingredients to give you a radiant glow.

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