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Are Coffee Skincare Products Any Good?

coffee skincare products

It may sound surprising, but few skincare ingredients have shined as brightly in scientific research circles in recent years as coffee. In study after study, coffee has stood out as having a major impact on skin health. From reducing wrinkles to banishing cellulite, coffee is the super food for your skin. Not surprisingly, the skincare and beauty researchers at Callyssee Cosmetics have picked up on this. It’s the reason they’ve made Coffea Arabica, the key ingredient in their entire line of skincare products. The organic green coffee extract, boasts far more antioxidant potential than ordinary coffee, and even a whopping 10 times the potential of green tea. Continue reading a few of the many ways Coffee Skincare Products can help your complexion:

Here are 5 Proven Effects of Coffee Skincare Products:

#1 It protects you from the sun.

Among the many positive effects of the high antioxidant content of coffee is its ability to protect you from sun damage. Antioxidants naturally protect your skin and repair damage from free radicals, which is precisely what the sun does to your skin.

#2 It gets rid of wrinkles.

Wrinkles are another key target of cofee’s antioxidants. One impact of free radicals over time is damage that materializes in fine lines and wrinkles. Coffee can put a stop to that process.

#3 It tightens and tones.

Along with antioxidants, the caffeine in coffee naturally dilates the blood vessels, and also draws moisture from fat cells. The overall effect for your skin is a toning and tightening effect.

#4 It’s great for exfoliating.

In its ground state, coffee is a great exfoliating agent. It strips away dead skin cells and leaving you feeling renewed and refreshed.

#5 It’s an excellent mask ingredient.

Coffee naturally contains both ferulic and chlorogenic acid, which might not sound like a good thing initially, but it has the impact of a light chemical peel to attack problem areas of your skin.

If you want proof of the above, we suggest you give Callyssee Buffing Beans Coffee Scrub a try and see it for yourself to become a believer.

If you enjoyed reading about coffee skincare ingredients, we suggest you checkout Coffee & Other Surprising Skin Care Secrets.

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