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What Are The Effects of Caffeine on Your Skin?

effects of caffeine on your skin

Is there good or bad effects of caffeine on your Skin? The National Coffee Association reported in March 2017 that more people are drinking coffee. In their most recent study, 62 percent of respondents reported drinking coffee the day before the survey, and that’s up five percent from the 2016 survey. It would seem that attitudes about caffeine and coffee consumption are changing, although how dramatic a change is questionable.

It’s no secret that coffee is a popular drink. But it may surprise you to realize that cosmetic companies have begun to recognize what caffeine can do for the skin. The “problems” associated with regular caffeine consumption aren’t as serious as they once were believed to be.

 The Effects of Caffeine on Your Skin

Caffeine does not cause acne flare-ups

For years, doctors have warned that coffee consumption could lead to or worsen acne problems. Magazines and lifestyle blogs often perpetuate this rumor, but researchers have begun to acknowledge that the direct link isn’t there. It could make other issues worse, but there are also benefits for your skin that could outweigh the inconvenience of an acne breakout.     

Caffeine can affect your sleep, which could affect your skin.

Caffeine is a stimulant, no matter how you consume it. If you’re sensitive, you may want to limit the use of moisturizers with caffeine to the morning hours. Regular consumption of caffeine has been blamed for prematurely aging skin, but attitudes are changing. It’s less likely to dry out and wrinkle your skin than it is to actually smooth the skin and lessen dark circles that could result from lack of sleep.

What’s a Healthy Limit for Coffee Consumption?

The Mayo Clinic suggests that consumption of up to 400 milligrams of caffeine per day is probably the upper limit. This is about four cups a day.

If you’re looking to include skin care products with caffeine as an ingredient, it’s important to know that these products to add to your overall consumption in a day.    

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