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What are the Best Last Minute Wedding Day Skin Fixes?

Last Minute Wedding Day Skin Fixes

Acne on your wedding day? Talk about a wedding nightmare come true! Unfortunately, it happens. All the nerves and activity of the wedding day and the buildup to it can make these problems more likely to occur. Luckily, there are last minute wedding day skin fixes you can try.

5 Last Minute Wedding Day Skin Fixes

#1 Hide Dark Circles with Foundation

Nerves and sleepless nights leading up to your wedding can inevitably lead to dark circles under the eyes. However, an artful application of foundation can hide them easily and allow you to blend the foundation seamlessly with the surrounding makeup. Just apply it with a light touch along the lash line.

#2 Banish Puffy Eyes with Cold

A bit of crying is inevitable before a wedding, and if it leads to puffy eyes, you’ll want to address it quickly by using a cold compress applied to the eyes. Leave it on for a few minutes, and repeat later if the eyes still appear a bit puffy.

#3 Make Zits Disappear with Primer, Concealer and Powder

If a zit pops up on the day of your wedding or the day before, then it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to make it disappear in time. You can, however, hide it effectively with the right makeup approach to the problem. The key is primer first to even out the skin tone. Next apply concealer to the zit, and make sure to feather it out seamlessly around the blemish. Powder provides the final masking agent to even everything out.

#4 Exfoliate Away Dry Skin

If your skin is dry and flaky on the days before your wedding, you’re going to have trouble with your makeup. Your best bet is to exfoliate the night before to eliminate those dead skin cells and leave the face feeling youthful and refreshed.

#5 Cool a Flushed Face with a Gel Mask

Lots of activity and nerves can lead to a flushed face on your wedding day. By keeping a cool gel mask in a nearby refrigerator, you can regulate your temperature and eliminate this problem quickly.

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