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Why You Should Use a Coffee Scrub

Callyssee Cosmeceuticals - Why You Should Use a Coffee Scrub

When it comes to face and body scrubs, you certainly have a lot of choices, with a lot of different ingredients. In fact, there are so many botanical and food-based scrubs now that it can often feel like a trip through the grocery store to choose the right one. But have you ever tried a coffee scrub?

In the minds of a lot of skincare and beauty researchers, including those with Callyssee Cosmetics, there’s one ingredient that rises to the top, and that’s coffee. Here are a few reasons why it should be on the top of your ingredient list when choosing the right body or face scrub.

Why You Should Use a Coffee Scrub

#1 It Banishes Wrinkles

Antioxidants are food-based ingredients that fight inflammation. When it comes to your skin, that means they protect the cells from damage that leads to wrinkles, and can even repair cells that have previously been damaged. And few ingredients have more antioxidants than the Coffea Arabica (Organic Green Coffee) Seed Extract found in many Callyssee Cosmetics products as the superstar ingredient. If you’re dealing with fine lines and wrinkles, consider a coffee scrub.

#2 It Gets Rid of Cellulite

As a natural diuretic, coffee also draws moisture out of fat cells and leaves them smoother and tighter. When it comes to the bumps and rolls of cellulite on the body, it provides real results for toning and firming.

#3 It Makes You Radiant and Glowing

Coffee gets your blood pumping with its healthy boost of caffeine, and more blood at the surface means brighter and radiant skin.

#4 It Makes Skin Younger

The antioxidants in coffee not only prevent wrinkles, but their protection goes even deeper, smoothing out the fine lines and other imperfections that ultimately lead to wrinkles. Pair that with the other advantages of coffee, and the overall result is a younger-looking you.

#5 It’s Great for Exfoliating

Coffee’s fine grounds are an excellent exfoliating agent, gently grinding away old skin cells and leaving your skin renewed and refreshed.

#6 It Pairs with Other Helpful Ingredients

In the right medium, coffee also blends perfectly with other great ingredients like avocado oil, brown sugar, citric acid and many others. You can find these combinations and more in the various products in the Callyssee Cosmetics line (yes, including their coffee scrub).

Psst… wanna make your own body scrub? Try these recipes.

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