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How To Use Coffee To Tighten Skin

Callyssee Cosmeceuticals - How To Use Coffee To Tighten Skin

The latest round of skincare research has cemented coffee’s reputation: When it comes to banishing wrinkles and preserving youthful skin, coffee is the real deal. You can use coffee to tighten skin, whether on your face or elsewhere on your body.

And one of the ways that coffee manages this is by firming and toning — its natural abilities as a diuretic really make it shine in this department, pulling moisture from fat cells and leaving tight, toned skin behind.

The skincare and beauty researchers at Callyssee Cosmetics certainly picked up on this property and others that make coffee perfect for beautifying your skin, which is why they’ve designed several products with toning and tightening in mind. Here are some good ones to try.

How To Use Coffee to Tighten Skin

#1 Try a Coffee Scrub

The natural texture of coffee grounds makes it an ideal exfoliating ingredient, removing dead skin cells and leaving your face fresh and tight. Callyssee offers their coffee scrub in original, cocoa or vanilla for three great options.

#2 Hydrate with a Firming Mask

Hydration, of course, is another key to keep the skin looking tight and fresh. If hydration is what your dry skin needs, the Café con Leche Hydrating Mask is the perfect solution; try using it weekly.

#3 Focus on the Eyes

Puffy or swollen eyes are sure to put a damper on your goals of tight and toned skin. Coffee naturally constricts the blood vessels around the eyes and puts a stop to this puffiness in short order. Your best bets here are Doppio Firming Eye Cream and Doppio Firming Eye Serum.

#4 Go All Out with a “Face Lift”

If you want to go all out and achieve tightness with every property that coffee has to offer, Callyssee offers the ideal solution with their Double Shot Instant Face Lift. It combines Coffea Arabica (Organic Green Coffee) Seed Extract with vitamin B-3 (a.k.a. niacimide) and a host of other cutting-edge, skin-tightening ingredients.

Do you think you’ll use coffee to tighten skin on your face or elsewhere on the body? Tell us!

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